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Ehrenfried Willke

Ehrenfried Willke

Rechtsanwalt and Notary
qualified Advocate and Prokurist
of the Catholic parish.
He was born on the 20.06.1930
in Merzig/Saar.

After pursuing legal studies at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and at the university of Bonn and taking his bar exam he entered the administrative authority of Niedersachsen. From 1958 until 1966 he was the counselling official of the chief official of the administrative district of Niedersachsen. Hereafter he was elected mayor of Königstein in 1966 and remained active in this position until 1972. In 1972 he was then admitted to practice as a lawyer at the court and later at the higher Regional Court in Frankfurt.

The main sectors of priority in his work are the notary’ office, company law, administrative law, and the law ruling catholic marriages.

Languages: German and English.