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Marilena Bacci

Marilena Bacci

Avvocato and Rechtsanwältin
Born on the 23.07.1972 in Bolzano (I).

After the secondary school examination (Abitur) in Germany she attended the Faculty of Law in Trento (I) and Reading (UK). She did her traineeship in Bolzano (I) and Frankfurt/Main (D) and worked for the Consiglio Nazionale Forense by the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer in Brussels.

After the qualification as an Italian lawyer „avvocato” she worked first for a law firm in Bolzano (I) and afterwards as an European established lawyer for a German-Italian law firm in Munich before starting to collaborate with Dolce Lauda 2007. Since 2012 she is also German Rechtsanwalt.

She is furthermore fiduciary lawyer of ADAC and since May 2011 Mediatore civile (civil Mediator) in Italy.

In June 2012 she successfully completed the theoretical specialized course in order to become a German specialized lawyer in insurance law.

Her main sectors of work are:

with a special view for German-Italian issues.

She also deals with cases concerning EU law, international private law and CISG.

Furthermore she advices in German and Italian as well as International Private Law law in Italian, German and English.

She is member of the: Frankfurter Anwaltsverein (Association of Lawyers in Frankfurt); DAV (Deutscher Anwaltsverein – Association of German lawyers): here especially member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versicherungsrecht (workshop for inusrance law) and of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Transport- und Speditionsrecht (workshop for transport law); DGTR e.V. (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tansportrecht e.V. - German Association for transport law); German-Italian Jurists’ Association, of the Institute for the European Traffic Law; Union des Avocats Européens – European Lawyers’ Union (U.A.E.), Commission for International Private Law.

She is speaker of the Arbeitskreis Junge Anwälte - NewKammer (working committee) of the Innovationsabteilung (Innovation Department) of the Bar Association of Frankfurt/Main.

Languages: Italian, German and English.