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Dr. Rodolfo Dolce

Dr. Rodolfo Dolce

Rechtsanwalt (D), Avvocato (I),
Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht and
Fachanwalt für internationales Wirtschaftsrecht
He was born on the 30.11.1955
in Monfalcone (Italy).

After pursuing legal studies at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe university in Frankfurt/Main he was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 1983. Simultaneously he pursued a study of law at the university of Macerata (Italy). In 1982 he founded the lawyer’s office together with Mr. Rudolf Lauda. Since 1987 he is a specialist in labour law as well as well as sworn interpreter and duly authorized translator of the Italian language. In February 1999 he was admitted to practice as an Avvocato in Italy.

His main sectors of priority in his work are international private law, as well as business law, which also constitute the main themes of the articles Mr. Dolce publishes in professional journals as well as in the daily press (FAZ, Handelsblatt, etc.)

He is a member of the German-Italian Jurists’ Association; of a regional Association of specialized lawyer (Hessischer Verein für Fachanwälte),of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Internationales Recht , as well as founding member of EUROADVICE (Brussels), which is a Association of European lawyers, auditors as well as elected representative agents of the committee of the Italians living abroad.

Languages: German, Italian and English.