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Why us?

Despite the EU, the legal systems of the various European countries are very different from each other.

The Italian entrepreneur is entering unknown territory in Germany. When hiring staff, for example, theItalian entrepreneur will enquire about the "TFR", or employment termination benefit. The average German jurist, unaware of Italian labour law, will not fully comprehend the import of this question.

Consequently, the Italian entrepreneur will keep coming back to this issue without receiving a satisfactory answer. Every experienced German lawyer is undoubtedly able to explain the German legislation on the termination of employment. However, much time can be saved if the legal adviser can concentrate on the main differences between the German and Italian legislation on this subject. To do so the legal adviser must be familiar with both legal systems, in our case the German as well as the Italian one.

Dolce Lauda has become one of Germany's leading law offices, specialising in cross-border legal relations, by making knowledge of the different legal systems one of its cornerstones. This knowledge is based on the experience it has gained in working for its clients, but also on the training of its lawyers who are familiar with the in and outs of different legal systems. There is no other law office in Germany in which so many of the staff have completed both German and the Italian legal training.

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